DEFINITION: A medical expense insurance is a contract that is signed with an insurer. This will be in charge of covering / paying the necessary hospital expenses, in case of suffering an accident or serious illness. These plans DO NOT include treatment for “common” illnesses or preventive medicine, such as: intestinal infections, the flu or a simple cough, as these are considered minor medical expenses.
Major medical insurance generally offers basic coverage and additional coverages:

• Basic coverage: This is responsible for covering hospital expenses, medical fees, necessary therapies, orthopedic devices, nursing fees and basic dental care.
In most major medical insurance, you can determine the basic coverage, defining the scope of your coverage. For example, the type of hospitals where you will be able to attend, the insured amount, the deductible and coinsurance, etc. In our blog we have several articles that define these concepts in case you want to know more about it.
• Additional coverage: Here you can add more coverage for an additional cost. The common ones are “0 deductible for accident”, this means that in case of accident you will no longer have to pay for a deductible, emergency abroad, catastrophic illnesses, accidental death, among others.

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