Have you ever wondered what are the medical expenses memberships and their coverages?

Minor medical expenses play a vital role in our health, these expenses represent our care and well-being. They would be like the maintenance we give to our vehicle to keep it in optimal condition. Medical expenses memberships are plans that support you in the control and monitoring of your health with benefits of consultations and studies that will help you to be healthy or continue with your medical care and assistance in case of minor accidents.

What is a minor medical membership?

The Minor Medical Expenses Memberships are characterized by being preventive, this means that they are focused on the conservation and preservation of health, they also provide support for the prevention, care of accidents and diseases.

The main thing is to analyze what type of person you are and identify your needs so that you can correctly choose the membership that best suits your needs.


  • Preferential costs in consultations with general practitioners and specialists.
  • Discounts in laboratories, hospitals, opticians and medical services.
  • First contact paramedics with immediate response.

The costs of these memberships are usually very affordable and well below the cost of Medical Expense insurance.

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