New FIAT SUV will be launched at BBB 21, do you choose REVO, TUO, PULSE, DOMO or NORD?

New FIAT SUV will be launched at BBB 21, do you choose REVO, TUO, PULSE, DOMO or NORD?

Fiat will let the public choose the name of its new car, Fiat Revo, Fiat Tuo, Fiat Pulse, Fiat Domo or Fiat Nord? We discovered these names along with the INPI registration.

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The outreach strategy began with its debut on BBB21 and opens the doors of its factory to show the development of its new SUV, the winner of the program will take home the SUV, collaborative platform will gather the opinion of internet users and promote great interaction between participants to talk about the new model

With content actions carried out in nearly two decades in the program that became a recurring memory in the popular imagination, the brand’s participation was already being requested by the public and took place this Tuesday night (2), reinforcing its partnership in yet another BBB, this time with the Fiat 363 project. In a bold and unprecedented way, the brand will show the stages of development of one of the most anticipated launches on the market, which arrives in the second half: its new SUV.

“Our new SUV is a very important milestone for Fiat. And to materialize the presentation of the model at this stage, we created a content platform that brings the consumer to the center of everything, which will allow us to inform, interact and instigate the public about our next release. At BBB, we are going to open the doors of our factory in Betim (MG) to show in detail the development phases of the project. Nobody has done anything like this in the industry so far”, he comments Herlander Zola, Director of Brand Fiat and Commercial Operations Brazil.

“We opened the doors of our house to BBB participants and spectators. We’re not just going to show our vehicles, but put the consumer at the center of the development of our model: an incredible SUV made especially for the Brazilian consumer”, commented Shame Antonio, Marketing and Communication Manager at Stellantis for the Latin America region.

The interaction with the brothers started on Tuesday afternoon, when they found the Toro (Ultra version), Nova Strada (Volcano version), Argo (Trekking version) and Cronos (S-Design) models outside the house. puzzle box with the inscription Fiat 363 project, arousing the curiosity of the participants. Soon after, there was a dynamic in which they had to look inside vehicles for parts with letters to complete the sentence “The New Fiat SUV is coming”.

The brothers also learned there that the winner of the program will take Fiat’s new SUV home. The action was conceived in conjunction with the LeoBurnett Tailor Made agency, and also featured scenes taken from the Fiat Automotive Pole, in Betim (MG), to present part of the development process of the new model.

The actions and interaction with BBB 21 participants and fans will not stop there. Fiat has prepared a web series to bring the public even closer to the creation and conception of the brand’s new SUV.

In a phase, the name will be chosen and will be between: REVO, TUO, PULSE, DOMO or NORTH?

In an innovative way and betting on transmedia content, during each action at the BBB, an episode will be released with more details and fun facts about the theme portrayed in the program, which can be accessed by the QR Code released by the presenter James Leifert.

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For this, an exclusive platform was created, which brings its own content, in addition to the webseries teaser that was broadcast to the confined. The idea is to promote interaction between internet users and gather their opinions on details of the new model.

although the Big Brother Brasil be an important and strategic partner in the dissemination of the brand’s actions, Fiat intends to go far beyond the program to present the new SUV of its product range. Scheduled for launch in the second half of the year, Fiat is planning several initiatives so that its sports utility vehicle is known by Brazilian consumers who are fans of design, connectivity, safety and performance.

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REVO, TUO, PULSE, DOMO or NORD, you will choose the name of the FIAT SUV

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