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Dimitri vs K

Dimitri Vs K: Both the characters boast healing abilities and both characters’ skill types are active only. Let us compare both of them to know which has the best healing ability among them.

Free Fire players are ever bored of the game as the developers keep getting more and more content to the game regularly. Characters are one of the best inclusions in the game and a new character is added every now and then. So far around 42 characters are featured in the game after the recent OB29 update.

Let us compare the latest character Dimitri to the K character to know which has the best healing ability in the game: Dimitri vs K.

Assessing the abilities of both characters: Dimitri vs K


Free Fire Dimitri Topup

Ability: Healing Heartbeat

Skill Type: Active

The game has brought in a new active ability character based on Belgia DJ personality, Dimitri Thivaios. The character is named after him and the ability is named Healing Heartbeat. As the name suggests, the ability creates a healing zone with a 3.5-metre diameter, in which players can self revive themselves who are knocked out in under 10 seconds. Moreover, Users and teammates will retain 3 HP per second when inside the zone. It has a Cooldown period of 85 seconds.

At the maximum level, The duration of 10 seconds will be increased up to 15 seconds, which the healing zone remains for 15 seconds. The cool-down period will be reduced to 60 seconds. This is a potential character to compete with DJ Alok too.

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dj alok vs k

Ability: Master of All

Skill Type: Active

K has one of the unique abilities in Free Fire, which has two various modes, by which the max EP of the players is boosted to 50.

Jiujitsu Mode: Team Mates within a 6m radius receive a 500% increase in their EP conversion rate.

Psychology Mode: Restores 2 EP every three seconds with up to 100 EP.

Only the Psychology Mode gets to level up to a maximum of the sixth level. Using it, the players can recover 2 EP every two seconds with up to 150 EP. A cooldown of 20 seconds will be there between shifting modes.

Dimitri vs K -Comparison

Both characters have good healing abilities in the game. According to Roar Gaming on YouTube, K character recovers 75Hp via EP in 18 seconds whereas Dimitri recovers 45HP via EP in 15 seconds. When it comes to zone damage, K character survives for 35 seconds whereas Dimitri survives for only 29 seconds, meaning Dimitri health would fall short.

But, Dimitri would revive himself he getting knocked down in his healing zone and this cannot be possible with K character. This is a great and handy ability in CS mode. Otherwise, the K character is the best healing ability in the game.

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