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Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel

Christian Klien believes that the four-time Wolrd Champion, Sebastian Vettel has shown that we can’t write him off just yet. He lost his podium place to a disqualification, but the German couldn’t do much about that. Although he showed great spark in the previous race, which would make majority of the race fans believe upon his upwareds trajectory. 

In recent years Sebastian Vettel was not in the form he once showed. The four-time world champion achieved great results with Red Bull Racing and also performed well at Ferrari in the beginning, but soon lost his confidence there. At Aston Martin, he is blossoming again. 

What was Opinionated by Christian Klien on Sebastian Vettel? 

Christian Klien
Christian Klien

”It was an up and down for him. But if there was something to be gained, he did it. He feels more at ease, you can see he needs that to be successful again. If he sees there’s something to get, he’ll deliver again,” the former Formula One driver said to Speedweek.com

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Sebastian Vettel

”Maybe he can’t be there every race weekend. But in the midfield, it’s also more inconspicuous. You can have great races there and only finish tenth. Upfront, it always looks great. It’s important that he’s found the joy again and that he feels he’s in good hands. I do believe he still has the speed. Maybe not like Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris or Max Verstappen, but he does it with his experience and smarts,” Christian Klien concluded.

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