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Minecraft Shroomlight
Minecraft Shroomlight: All you need to know! (image via. minecraft.net)

Minecraft has a wide variety of items that the players can find in all the different biomes and dimensions of the game. We take a look at the Minecraft Shroomlight and all its features in this article.

Light blocks are a very important feature in the game as it serves as the light during the pitch black night and also keeps the monster spans at bay. It is a well known fact that lighting blocks in the game are the main things that negate monster spawns and to keep the players safe. Natural light blocks are rare and we take a look at one of the rarest ones in the game.

Down below are all the features for the Minecraft Shroomlight.

Minecraft Shroomlight

Minecraft Shroomlight
Minecraft Shroomlight (image via. minecraft.net)

The Minecraft Shroomlight is a light block that can be found in only the Nether dimension and generate over fungi!

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Natural Generation

YouTube: Stingray Productions

Shroomlight are found in the Nether biomes and specifically in the Crimson and warped Huge fungi blocks. The huge fungi have a chance of containing the shroomlights at the topmost point of the structure.

This is true for Fungi farms made by the players and grown with bone-meal.

Players can use their hand or any tool to break the Shroomlight and obtain it. However, using a hoe is the fastest way of breaking it.

Uses for Shroomlight

Minecraft Shroomlight
Shroomlights (image via. reddit u/Intellectual-Potato)
  • The Shroomlight is a block with very minimal uses and only serves the purpose of a light block primarily. However, due to their location and rarity of the biome they can be very hard to find for the players.
  • The Minecraft Shroomlight has a Luminosity of 15, which is the highest in the game. They are tied with Glowstones and Glowstone lamps.
  • As they are a type of fungi, they can also be used in a Composter to raise the level of the compost and provide bone meal to the players.
  • Nothing of note can be crafted using this block as of now.

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