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How get the Gold Pirate AKM in BGMI Lucky Spin?
Gold Pirate AKM

The makers of BGMI constantly bring new spins and events through which players can get exclusive weapon skins as well as never-seen before outfits. The new BGMI Lucky Spin has brought back the Seven Seas AKM in BGMI and the exciting part is that players can upgrade the Seven Seas AKM into its golden form.

Weapon skins in Battlegrounds Mobile India are widely sought after by the players. These do not provide additional buffs to the weapon but look awesome and players can flaunt theirs to other players. An exclusive weapon skin will also boost the morale of players and it will leave a good impact upon the performance of the player. Players can obtain weapon skins through in-game events, crates well as Lucky Spins.

Now let us take a look at the process by which players can get the gold version of Seven Seas AKM in BGMI.

BGMI Lucky Spin: Event Rules

How get the Gold Pirate AKM in BGMI Lucky Spin?
Event Rules
  • Players need to spend UC to spin the wheel and obtain a random reward
  • First draw of the day costs 10 UC.
  • Each draw awards 1 luck. The higher the luck, the higher the chance to get the Jackpot. When Luck is full, the jackpot is guaranteed.
  • Duplicate upgradeable firearms are automatically dismantled into upgrade materials.

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Total Rewards of BGMI Lucky Spin

How get the Gold Pirate AKM in BGMI Lucky Spin?
  • Seven Seas AKM
  • Black Rose Set
  • Reptilian Lurker Set
  • Futuristic Hive Backpack
  • The Midas Touch (used to unlock the gold version of Seven Seas AKM)
  • Classic Crate Coupon Scrap
  • Paint
  • Silver Fragments x9
  • Materials (upgrading weapons)
  • Black Rose Eyepatch
  • Black Rose Hat

In addition to that players can also get other exciting rewards upon drawing BGMI Lucky Spin.

How get the Gold Pirate AKM in BGMI Lucky Spin?
Multiple draws

15 times – 1000 BP & 5 classic crate coupons

50 times – Paint x5

120 times – Reptilian Lurker Cover

200 times – Paint x5 and 1 material

300 times – 1 Midas Touch and 10 Paints

How get the Gold Pirate AKM?

How get the Gold Pirate AKM in BGMI Lucky Spin?
Upgrade Workshop

The gold version of Seven Seas AKM or the Gold Pirate AKM in BGMI can be obtained only if players are able to get the Seven Seas AKM. In order to upgrade the weapon to its golden form, players need-

  • The Midas Touch (1)
  • Materials (2)

These can be obtained after spinning the wheel which costs 10 UC if drawn for the first time in a day and 540 UC if drawn for 10 times. The Gold Pirate AKM can be upgraded in the workshop. This weapon skin will be available in the game till 6th September so players should spin the wheel soon.

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