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Minecraft Respawn Anchor
Minecraft Respawn Anchor: All you need to know! (image via. u/deccun on Reddit)

Minecraft has a lot of handy tools that the players can use to make their lives inside the game a bit easier. Here is the Minecraft Respawn Anchor, which is one such handy tool that allows the players to respawn in the Nether.

The Nether Realm is often called the Hell of Minecraft and is a separate dimension that the players can access using a Nether Portal. However, players will know that if they die once in the Nether, they will spawn in the Overworld Bed, which serves as the spawn point. However, using this new tool, players can respawn directly in the Nether!

Here is the Minecraft Respawn Anchor and all the players need to know about them!

Minecraft Respawn Anchor

Minecraft Respawn Anchor
Minecraft Respawn Anchor (image via.

The Minecraft Respawn Anchor is a newly introduced block that allows the players to set a respawn point in the Nether and spawn directly near it.

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They are not generated naturally and must be crafted by the players. Once set, they can be broken using a Diamond Pickaxe or better.

How to use a Respawn Anchor?

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After making a Respawn Anchor, players need to set it down at the location that they want to respawn in the Nether. This will serve as the Nether save point, just like the Bed in the Overworld.

Players, then need to charge it in order to activate it. Glowstone blocks are needed to activate the spawn point. Each Glowstone block will charge the point one time up to a max of 4 times. Upon respawn of the player, one charge is consumed.

This can also be used by multiple players at once and the charges are consumed likewise.

However, payers need to be careful not to use the Respawn anchor in the Overworld or in the End dimension, as it will blow up in a massive explosion and will be destroyed.

How to make a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft?

Minecraft Respawn Anchor
Respawn Anchor (Image via. u/SpyroHinch on Reddit)

Players need these two items in particular to make a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft:

  • Crying Obsidian x6
  • Glowstone x3

Crying Obsidian can be found near ruined portals and bastion remnant chests. Likewise, glowstones can be found in the Nether or from Wandering traders in the Overworld.

Combine the two items in the Crafting Table in the manner shown above to make a Respawn Anchor.

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