Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan

Fernando Calmon – Taycan: First Tram to Lead a Segment – The biggest surprise in the biannual ranking among the best-selling models in Brazil was the performance of the Taycan. This Porsche, 100% electric, achieved 46% of sales in its segment, in the case of large sedans. However, all purely electric models in the first six months totaled only 739 units (data from Anfavea) or 0.01% of the total number of cars. O Taycan conquered 29% of this tiny niche.

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the year of 2021 needs to be noted with some caveats. Continuing shutdowns due to lack of semiconductors substantially altered the performance of vehicle manufacturers, of various models and even entire segments.

To begin with, it is necessary to relativize the advance of SUVs when compared to compact hatchbacks. Undoubtedly, SUVs will continue to gain consumer and consumer preference, but the first half result is skewed. The acute shortage of the singles leader had a statistical effect on trends. Only a year from now, after regularization of the offer, it will be possible to assess the scenario with greater precision.

Of the 16 segments analyzed, Onix lost its lead to the HB20 in compact hatchbacks, however, the Onix sedan maintained its position. Mobi surpassed the Kwid between subcompacts. Renegade returned to the lead in compact SUVs. Of the traditional leaders, 99% of the BMW 7 Series, 72% of Strada, 71% of the BMW 3 and 4 Series, and 60% of Mustang, stand out.

Column ranking has its own technical criteria with ranking by silhouettes. Main reference is wheelbase in addition to other parameters. If framing implies doubts, the choice, in very few cases, becomes subjective. Search base is the National Register of Motor Vehicles (Renavam). Only the most representative models were mentioned (minimum of two) and due to the importance of the segment. Compiled by Paulo Garbossa, from ADK consultancy.

  • Hatch subcompacto: Mobi, 56%; Kwid, 41%; up!, 7%. Mobi, new leader.
  • compact hatch: HB20/X, 18%; Onix+Joy, 17%; Argo, 16.9%; Goal, 15%; One, 6%; Polo, 5.8%; Yaris, 5%; Fox, 4.6%; Ka, 3.3%; Sandero/RS/Stepway, 3.2%; 208, 2%. First time leadership of the HB20/X.
  • compact sedan: Onix Plus+Joy, 24%; Voyage, 13%; Virtus, 11%; Ka, 9.3%; HB20S, 10%; Cronos, 9%; Versa/V-Drive, 8%; Yaris, 7%; Grand Siena, 6%; Logan, 5%; City, 3%; Etios, 2%. Onix kept ahead.
  • Medium-compact sedan: Corolla, 57%; Civic, 25%; Jetta, 6%. Corolla com folga.
  • medium-large sedan: BMW 3/4 Series, 71%; Mercedes C-Class, 12%; A4/S4, 7%. Extended domain of the BMW.
  • big sedan: Taycan, 46%; Panama, 13%; BMW 5/6 Series and Mercedes E-Class/CLS, 12%. Porsche: first leading electric vehicle.
  • top sedan: BMW 7 Series, 99%; Mercedes Class S, 1%. Record participation in Series 7.
  • sports coupe: Mustang, 60%; Audi TT, 18%; BMW M2, 8%. Mustang extends leadership.
  • sport coupe: 911, 51%; 718 Boxster/Cayman, 20%; BMW Z4, 17%. No threats to 911.
  • Compact SUV: Renegade, 18%; Creta, 15%; T-Cross, 13%; Tracker, 12%; Nivus, 9%; Kicks, 8,5%; HR-V, 8,2%; Duster, 6%; Cactus, 3%, Tiggo 5X, 2%. Renegade retoma a ponta.
  • medium-compact SUV: Compass, 58%; Corolla Cross, 18%, Tucson/ix35, 5%. Compass still absolute.
  • medium-large SUV: SW4, 30%; Tiggo 8, 19%; Tiguan, 12%. Leader less threatened.
  • Big SUV: Trailblazer, 33%; XC90, 12%; Range Rover/Sport, 10%. Trailblazer stands firm.
  • MPV: Fit/WR-V, 53%; Spin, 47%; C3 Aircross, 2%. Fit sempre à frente.
  • small pickup: Strada, 72%; Saveiro, 18%; Oroch, 7%. Strada went even further.
  • medium pickup: Torus, 38%; Hilux, 21%; S10, 14%. Leader increased the advantage.


  • SEMINAR Review of Autodata’s 2021 Perspectives highlighted important themes. Speaker Marina Willisch, vice president of Communications at GM South America, pointed out that if Brazil exported one million vehicles a year, it could create 120,000 new direct and indirect jobs in the sector’s long production chain. I remember that in 2017 the country exported 716,000 units, but it was not able to return to that level. Paulo Cardamone, from the consulting firm Bright, showed the trend of purchasing models with higher added value. In 2020, the average ticket was BRL 63,200 and in 2022 it will reach BRL 91,600.
  • NISSAN Kicks barely surpassed (420 units) the Honda HR-V in the first half. The changes include an acoustic windshield that actually improves onboard silence. In daily use, the comfort of the seats, called the “zero gravity” brand, makes a difference even on short journeys. 1.6-L flex engine delivers 114 hp, but as the vehicle weighs just 1,139 kg, the performance is compatible with the segment average among naturally aspirated engines. A 1-litre turbo engine that the Renault Nissan alliance plans would be ideal. The automatic CVT, in 90% of Kicks sold, improved a little compared to the typical lethargy of this type of gear. Fuel tank of just 41 liters limits range compared to most competitors.

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Fernando Calmon – Taycan: First Tram to Lead a Segment

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