We want you to be well informed and we present you a brief explanation about the differences between minor medical expenses and major medical expenses.

Although both cover health services, you should know the differences between each.

In the insurance of Major medical expenses Who directs the expense is the insured, that is to say, who contracts the policy decides the hospitals, doctors and laboratories with which he wishes to count, although they may be subject to a network with which the insurer has the agreement. In the Minor Expense Medical Insurance It is the insurer who directs spending, it is this who provides alternatives within its network so that they can provide the service, in this case, there is a more closed group of alternatives. For obvious reasons, in large cities, Minor Medical Expense plans that work with a closed network of providers have had considerable relevance; Because their demand has made the networks grow and more and more providers want to work with them.

The Minor Expense Medical Insurance are preventive, more focused on the preservation of health, those of Major medical expenses they are of a more corrective type. It should even be borne in mind that laws currently prohibit major medical insurance from covering the costs of preventive medicine. But knowing how to use them both can be a support in case of accidents.

The most important thing is to analyze the advantages offered by each of the insurers in the face of risks. There are people who get great benefits with a minor medical insurance policy, especially when they have the experience of using it. For example, it can be very valuable for people who require frequent consultations such as pregnant women, or those who have children or the elderly who require a lot of medical attention, so the price paid for this policy will undoubtedly be compensated with all the services that it offers us. for the prevention of damage or risks. There are also those who take both plans, since they are different and knowing how to use them you can obtain enormous benefits from each one.

Also note that some insurance policies Minor Medical Expenses They cover drugs and others do not, even sometimes studies are covered at 70% and others at 100%, or others offer to pay for consultations with a fixed cost. These plans are relatively inexpensive, so if you want a health alternative that supports your economy in preventive medicine expenses, they can be of great help. The key that we have found so that this plan can be taken advantage of is to understand that it will work with a Medical Network, which means that whoever treats us may not be our usual family doctor. But it will be done by a Private Physician in the network and in the event that we do not “settle in” with this doctor or do not like their service. We can request a consultation with another from the same network.

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