On be sure mexico We have a wide variety of Health and Medical Expense plans so that you can compare and have information about the health plans and coverage of medical expenses in Mexico.

Minor Medical Expense Insurance

The objective of this insurance is to provide policyholders with medical prevention coverage for health-related expenses that are generated by the daily care of the most recurrent medical problems, and that do not necessarily exceed the deductible for major medical expenses policies. This product is an essential medical support to counteract the economic imbalance. Basically it is a complementary coverage to a Medical Expense plan that offers you consultations, diagnostic support and even medications.

Insurance of major medical expenses

These coverages are intended to face any medical or surgical treatment, derived from an accident or illness that could put at risk the family economy of the employees of your company under private medical or hospital care, your coverage will begin once you exceed the deductible. That is why they are called MAJORS.

Insurance for Excess Major Medical Expenses

Many times in medical insurance offered by companies, the insured sum is not that large or perhaps you would like to have a greater one. Excess insurance will cover you in the event that this coverage runs out. That is to say; it will give continuity to your insurance in the coverage of expenses. Some of these plans can also give you the peace of mind that they guarantee the continuity of your Medical Expenses policy in the event that you leave your company, with the guarantee that despite your health condition you will be able to have medical insurance with this insurer. With this guaranteeing your financial peace of mind in the event of such illnesses or accidents.

Health insurance

Health insurances are comprehensive coverage plans as they are as if a Major Medical Expenses Policy and a Minors Policy were grouped together in the same plan. Its purpose is not only to cover those claims of illnesses or accidents that we cannot avoid, but also to include preventive medicine through first-contact doctors who follow up on the visits that employees and / or any family member make. This is the product in charge of preventing diseases and restoring health, in order to improve the quality of life of the insured. Generally, care in these plans is offered through the insurer’s provider networks.

Vision Plan

It is a visual care program that offers support for the acquisition of prescription or contact lenses through opticians (provider network), with only the co-participation of the insured. Likewise, discounts of products not covered by these plans may be granted.

Dental Insurance

This can be an individual policy or sometimes it can be integrated into your Medical Expense plan, and it is a dental corrective medicine product, which aims to maintain a culture of specialized care with dentists and clinics in the network with such only co-participation of the insured at the time of any service they require.

Discount Memberships

These services provide memberships that make preventive medicine services and minor medical expenses available to the insured through a closed network, which include services such as: periodic consultations with specialist doctors, routine exams, discounts on laboratories, cabinets, Nursing, discounts on ambulance services, 24×365 call center.

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